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Since 1958, we have experienced the technological evolution of printing with passion and dedication. Curiosity, enthusiasm and a keen eye for innovation have led us to a continuous renewal that we have no intention to stop!


Beginnings of the Company

TYPOGRAPHY SAB was founded in Bologna, Italy, in a 150-square-metre room of the “SS. Annunziata” Church.

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In the past, the typography used to employ direct printing: movable characters and clichés were inked and stamped on paper.




Sketches presented to customers were painted and hand-drawn. Graphics illustration books were used to trace images.

The first great evolution

The typography became LITOGRAPHY with the arrival of the first single-colour lithographic printing machines: Adast and 38R Nebiolo.


Macchina da stampa Nebiolo monocolore



Lithography uses non-direct offset printing: three cylinders, in contact with each other, transfer the image from the lithographic plate to the blanket cylinder and from the blanket to the paper thanks to the pressure cylinder, increasing the quality and speed of the work.

A constant growth

SAB moved to street Cà Ricchi in a 500 sqm warehouse in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO). More space was necessary for the new colour machines Komori Bicolore and Komori 5-colours.


capannone ca ricchi


Macchina da stampa Komori 5 colori


The printing technique used by the newly arrived Komori is offset, but the three-cylinder methodology is descriptive for only one colour, so each colour has its own printing group or castle. The four CMYK printing castles, as well as the group for the Pantone colours and painting finally arrived at SAB, improving the efficiency, productivity and quality of printed products for all its customers.

Evolution in the graphic studio and expansion of the machine fleet

From 2001 to 2005 SAB grew by increasing the number of machines and the services offered.
The new 5-colour Komori
Computer To Plate (CTP): a system for transferring layouts directly from the computer to the offset plate.



SAB amplia il reparto di grafica integrando lo studio grafico con nuovi Macintosh, offrendo ai clienti un servizio più completo.

The arrival of digital cameras

SAB moves to Trebbo di Budrio (BO) and buys a 1300 sqm warehouse. The Konica Minolta digital machines and Epson Plotters need more space. The fleet of packaging machines is also renewed. 


capannone san vitale



Digital printing presses use direct printing technology: texts, graphics and images are transferred directly from the computer to the paper without having to pass through the offset plate.
There are different methods of digital printing. SAB uses xerographic technique with Konica Minolta and inkjet technique with Epson Plotter.


SAB doesn't stop, the new digital Kodak with xerographic engraving comes along. A department dedicated to web services is opened.


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